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Head over to the Dank Seedbank page to see the list of seedbanks. These seedbanks have been used by me in the past and successfully got my seeds with satisfaction. I try to provide as much info on the seedbank as possible to help you pick the perfect place to grab some new genetics!


A website for cannabis genetic collecting. Genetic Junky strives to bring the best cannabis seed sales, deals and dankest new drops to you. With weekly and monthly seed sales you can fill your seed vault with the best the cannabis community has to offer.

Seeds provide the future of cannabis evolution and we control which seed is sown and which will sit. The unlimited potential of seeds is a fascination I have always had since my start as a cultivator and collector.

Making this website with the intent to help others achieve a collection of genetics and cannabis seed they can be proud of!

Weekly Seed Sales

This section houses the current weekly deals on the seed radar. Step inside and see if there is a seed to fill that hole in your pocket.

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Monthly Seed Deals

Check out month long running deals on seeds from all the hottest seed banks.

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Breeder List

A list of breeders info and what strains they are notorious for working with

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USA Seedbanks

My list of seedbanks and specifics on why i use them, how fast they are, what kind of freebies, etc.

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